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Smart Homes Cape Town – Security

Smart home security or automation, is cutting edge and user-friendly technology that is designed to make living more comfortable and luxurious . If you live in Cape Town and are in dire need of a state-of-the-art security system for your home or business, then Smart Home Creations can help make your home defend itself. We offer you the benefit of having total control of your home security with smart security solutions that are designed to keep you and your family safe. Our smart home security system connects to your Wifi network and allows effortless monitoring and control of your devices using your smart phone and an app. Simplicity at its best

Innovative and High-Tech Security

Wireless home security incorporates real-time video feed and best of all is you don’t need a phone line. Controlling devices like lighting, geysers, pool pumps and gate motors has never been easier. Voice activation using and app on your smart phone is the way forward in the security industry. Gone are the days of agonising over whether you’ve forgotten to set the house alarm, or switch on the lights. With smart security, you have complete control of your home’s automation even if you’re away. Convenience – Safety – Control.
Smart light switcj

State-of-the-art Smart Lighting

May the light be with you – Literally. Imagine switching the lights on as you enter your room just by using your voice. Well it’s possible. Smart lighting , switches and bulbs, are easy to use and offer remarkable convenience. They save energy and money. What more could you want? Our well respected team of experts at Smart Home Creations will add your wireless wall switch to iOS/Android App eWeLink via WiFi. Remotely turn your connected LED lighting on or off anywhere, anytime.

Next Generation Smart Locks

Strapped for cash and cannot afford an entire home security system? Then we recommend investing in a smart lock . The convenience of not having to use keys is probably one of the biggest benefits it offers. Smart locks should be a fundamental part of the average South African’s home. Allow us to explain why. Firstly, key-less entry into your home or business is a huge deterrent for criminals. They won’t be able to pick the lock the way they do with conventional ones. Secondly, they are easy on the eye. Choose from an array of sleek, ultra-modern designs that will compliment your home. Today’s technology like Bluetooth and WiFi, will allow you to automatically unlock your door as you approach it, just by connecting via the smart lock App. Simply set a code, download the app and enter your access code. Installing them involves no wiring. Just some time, a few screws and a little bit of DIY skills.

New-Age Motion Sensors

Need a little help to identify whether someone is moving in and around your home or property. Motion sensors or detectors are a great aid. Whenever motion is detected on your property, the owner of the home or business is immediately alerted to the unwelcome intrusion. Motion sensors, like other smart technology devices on the market, are designed to save time, money and energy. They can trigger floodlights that deter criminals. You can also activate exterior lights when needed, meaning you will not need to keep your lights on all the time. Motion detectors offer energy saving solutions for you. Smart Home Creations is a division of First Class Power . They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the electrical sector. Are you ready to modify your home in Cape Town and professionally install a complete or partial system? Get in touch with our passionate team and let’s get cracking at converting your home into a smart and safer one.