Smart Home automation in Durban

Welcome to the new-age of cutting edge home automation technology. Allow the security gurus at Smart Home Creations to assist you in converting your home into a comfortable, energy saving and futuristic space. Our skilled and experienced team are specialists in home automation in DurbanWe are at the fore-front of our industry in South Africa. Our company employs individuals from divergent walks of life. All with one common vision – Sharing the fantastic news of how simple and painless it is to live in your very own smart home. Step into the future of home security with wireless security.

The Ultimate in Modern Security

What could be more convenient than having a security system that connects to your Wifi network? It couldn’t get any simpler than having to effortlessly monitor and control your devices using your smart phone and an app. Real-time video feed that needs no phone line. Control of devices such as pool pumps and garage doors, even when you’re not at home, is the ultimate in convenience. Wouldn’t you say? Safety – Control – Convenience . These are what you get when you install our smart home security systems . Voice activation using and app on your smart phone lets you have total command and control of what happens in and out of your home. Smart security is a step up in keeping you, your family and valuables safe. If you’ve forgotten to turn on your house alarm or switch on lights when you left home, panic normally sets in. You are miles away from home and anything could have happened during the time you were away right? Stop agonising over it. Even if you’re not home, your homes automation is under your control. Switch lights on and off, turn on your alarm all with your smart phone and an app.
Smart light switcj

Contemporary Smart Lighting, Durban

We’ve all watch those science fiction movies in the past where someone walks into a room and commands the lights to switch on using voice commands. Thanks to modern technology that is now a reality. Smart lighting, smart bulbs and smart switches are how you can get to do exactly what you saw in those movies. The bulbs are energy saving so you will enjoy a lower utility bill at the end of the month. Our technicians will add your wireless wall switches to iOS/Android App eWeLink via WiFi so you can remotely turn your lights on and off from anywhere at any time. The future is here.

Innovative Smart Locks in DBN

Yes, you do get smart locks. They’re smart because you don’t require any keys to lock or unlock your doors. We think they should be a must in your home. They are stylish and come in elegant designs and colours that will compliment any Durban residence. Imagine you’ve just returned from the grocery store. You are at your front door with your hands full and your house keys are nowhere in sight. Perhaps you left them at the store. Frustrating, we know. Now imagine you have a smart locked installed. Simply enter your pre-installed passcode and you’re in. No more searching for lost keys. Bluetooth and WiFi, will allow you to automatically unlock your door as you approach it, just by connecting via the smart lock App. It’s a great way to secure your home on a budget and an excellent deterrent for would be criminals. Installation is pretty easy as well. Just a few screws, tools and a bit of your time and you’re all set.  

Revolutionary Motion Sensors

We are all searching for new and improved ways to secure our homes and make our families feel safer aren’t we? Enter motion sensors . They are just another innovative and smart security feature that we offer at Smart Home Creations. Motion detectors identify when someone is moving around on your property. They set off alarms that will alert the owner or police to the intrusion allowing you to be a step ahead of those unwelcome criminals. They are time, money and energy saving devices that will change the way you see security. They can also be activated to trigger lights when movement is detected and can be set to switch your lights on at a specified time. That means your lights needn’t stay on all the time. With our wealth of knowledge and experience in the smart home industry, isn’t it time you gave us a call to help you transform your home in Durban into a smart and secure living space?

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