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Smart Homes, East London

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of smart homes . Manage your security from anywhere in the world. Smart secure homes in East London are cost-effective, energy saving and easy to operate. Safety and security are both an integral part of modern day living, wouldn’t you agree? Your alarm system should make you feel safer and more comfortable in your home or business. Smart home security provides the ultimate in comfort, safety and convenience. You will fall in love with your home all over again. At Smart Home Creations, we provide top-notch home automation products combined with exceptional customer service to our clients in East London.

Cutting-Edge Smart Security

Get ready to make your security modern and wireless. It is now easier to manage your home automation from almost anywhere. Simply connect the smart security system to your Wi-Fi network and control and monitor your home devices using your smart phone or tablet, and an app. Enjoy wireless connectivity with real-time video feed. Best of all, you don’t need a phone line. Gone are the days of getting all worked up if you forgot to set the house alarm. Smart automation allows you to take control of your homes automation features from a single mobile-friendly interface. 
Smart light switcj

Sophisticated Smart Lighting East London

Let’s get to work lighting your home the advanced way. Smart lighting is a high-tech way to light your home and keep you in control of when they switch on or off. Our skilled technicians  will advise you on the choices you have when it comes to choosing smart bulbs, switches and plugs. Controlling your lighting now simply involves using your smart phone and an app. Choose exactly when you would like your lights to turn on or off, even when you’re not at your East London home. You will also enjoy the option of choosing coloured smart bulbs that can set the mood for certain times of the day or night.

Stylish and Modern Smart Locks

Losing one’s house keys is extremely frustrating. You have to spend time and money cutting new ones only to misplace those in a few months. With smart locks , keys are eliminated. Yes, no more keys. We think that’s a huge benefit, don’t you? Smart locks work with Wifi or Bluetooth via an app on your mobile device. Entry codes can be pre-installed and changed on a regular basis to avoid unauthorised access by criminals or unwanted visitors. Access to your home can now be controlled with just the simple touch of a button. Beside the convenience factor, smart locks are pretty snazzy. They come in a variety of sleek and contemporary colours and designs that are easy on the eye. Chances are you will find the perfect style and colour to compliment your home.

Industry Leading Motion Sensors

When it comes to smart security, motion sensors or detectors are just another product that we offer clients . They are designed using sensors to detect motion or movement on your property and in turn, alerting the owner or police. They are customisable which means you can use them to activate lights and trigger alarms that deter intruders. If you have installed motion activated lighting on the exterior of your home, your lights need not stay on all day. They will be activated only when movement is detected. Money and energy saved. If you’re looking to highly reduce the likelihood of false alarms, we suggest opting for multi-technology motion sensors. They combine both passive and active technologyfeatures. Are you ready to convert your home in East London into a smart home? Get in touch with the experts and let us guide you through choosing the best option for your living space.

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