Smart Homes in Johannesburg, Gauteng

If your search for smart home services in Johannesburg has lead you here, then your search engine has sent you to the right place. Smart Home Creations are industry leaders when it comes to converting your home into a smart one. Whether you live in Sandton or Sandhurst , we will automate your home in suburbs across the length and breadth of Johannesburg. Smart homes are rising in popularity in Johannesburg and connected living is fast becoming a feature in a lot of South African homes. Our connected homes boast high-tech security and convenience, all while saving you money

Affordable JHB smart home security

Improved security should be a must in today’s homes. After all, your home is probably your biggest and most prized investment. We all want to feel safe these days. Whether you’re at home, or away, our smart security systems will help you feel at ease. With smart home automation, you are in control. Wireless home security keeps you remotely connected wherever you are. Just image…you can control aspects of your home in ways that we only saw in the movies. Using voice commands to switch on your lights and play music is now a reality. It’s wireless connectivity that allows you to monitor and control the devices in your home by using your smart phone and an app. It’s just that easy
Smart light switcj

Smart Lighting in Johannesburg

Smart lighting is all about convenience. We all want to live easier, don’t we? Smart lights offer the consumer the ability to turn their lights on before arriving home. If you’re away on holiday, you have the ability to turn your lights on and off at times that suit you. It’s a great security feature. With our coloured bulb option, you can set the mood in your room or lounge at different times of the day in JHB. Smart light bulbs are extremely energy efficient which means you’ll save on your monthly light bill. If you have already purchased some smart lights, installing them can be a tad complicated. We suggest leaving that to our super savvy team at Smart Home Creations. They have extensive experience and skills in the electrical sector. We pride ourselves on installation that delivers the best user-experience for you. On top of that, we provide world-class technical support and advice.

Smart Locks

Integrating smart locks into your home is something we would highly recommend. It’s truly a whole new way to lock and unlock you door. It will radically improve your home or business security. Smart locks are keyless locks that use Wifi and Bluetooth to automatically lock or unlock your door…..hands free. That’s right. Gone are the days of using keys. Still not convinced that you need one? Here are 5 reasons why smart locks will change your life. 

  1. You will never need keys again – No need to stress when you’ve lost or misplaced your keys.
  2. They are easy on the eye – Sleek and visually appealing designs
  3. Let friends or family in while you’re away – Give them digital keys using thelocks app
  4. Added security – It’s easy to pick a traditional lock but with smart locks, thedigital codes make access more difficult.
  5. Some locks offer the user the awesome feature of a camera – This will giveyou a visual of the person accessing your door

Motion Sensors and Detectors in Johannesburg

Smart technology is designed to save you time, money and energy. The same goes for motion sensors. Being able to detect if someone is moving around your property is something all home owners could do with. Motion sensors offer just that. Motion sensors or detectors offer the user the convenience of getting alerted to an intrusion when they are away. Having floodlights that are triggered by motion sensors can deter criminals and alert the police. Are you ready to transform your home in Johannesburg into a smart space? Get in touch with the professionals at Smart Home Creations. We have the skills and experience to help  you make your transformation easy and hassle-free 

Industry leaders in Smart Switches

When thinking about transforming your home in Johannesburg into a smart one, why not start by installing smart bulbs, switches and plugs. Let’s start by explaining a bit about smart bulbs . They are basically bulbs that you can control remotely using your smart phone. You can schedule the switching on, and off of your lights.With smart switches , you can simply control your lights the conventional way from your wall switch. The difference here is that you have that extra function of dimming or brightening the lighting to suit your mood. Smart plugs allow the user to transform their existing lighting into ones that can be controlled using your smart phone from anywhere.
smart switch with Google Assist

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